Advanced Materials

Centre for Advanced Materials

International pioneers based here are leading a revolution in ceramics and materials.

Companies, like Lucideon, a materials technology research company that develops, characterises, tests, analyses, reworks and assures materials. The firm originated from the British Ceramics Research Association, which was established in 1948 in Stoke-on-Trent. Still headquartered in the city, the company has diversified into other markets and other materials, most notably healthcare. Today, while the ceramics industry is still a key part of the business, it has moved into many new and innovative areas of ceramics, including working with orthopaedic implant manufacturers and other high technology areas.

Examples of innovation and research being undertaken in the area include:

- Low Energy Firing Project: technology to lower the temperature and time that ceramics are fired at. This technology should also allow new materials with new properties to be developed for other industries. This project is supported by the Regional Growth Fund.

- Inorganic Controlled Release Technology: development of a technology that uses bioceramics and bioglasses for drug delivery systems, including the targeting of smart drugs.

Other exemplar companies based here include Biocomposites, the biotechnology firm that patented the world’s first synthetic biomaterial with a controlled surface chemistry which attracts key proteins to accelerate bone healing.

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