Midland-based IT company idappcom has established its Staffordshire base at the Keele University Science and Innovation Park.

Already leaders in the specialist field of corporate internet security, the company develops and markets advanced security software and solutions for smaller companies, homes and mobile computing.  Their solutions provide the level of protection usually only afforded by large companies and organisations with extensive IT teams, at a much lower price.

idappcomlogoidappcom’s team have years of experience of developing effective defences against the full array of ‘exploits’ – the basis for hostile attacks.

Through its base at Keele University Science and Innovation Park (KUSIP), idappcom is applying its capabilities to the fast-developing ‘internet of things’ – devices in our homes and offices that are linked to the internet.  Already TVs, CCTV and refrigeration may be internet-linked, but soon all manner of basic appliances are set to become smart.  Because of their relatively basic computing capabilities and low unit cost, such devices are often vulnerable to malicious attack.  The risk is set to grow as such devices become commonplace, giving rise, in idappcom’s view, to huge potential demand for cost effective protective solutions.

idappcom’s Chief Security Manager Simon Wesseldine, who is based at KUSIP, commented: “Keele is the perfect location, and the opportunities to engage with the School of Computing and Mathematics, the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) programme as well as with other leading-edge technology companies on the Science and Innovation Park are exciting and will help propel the next stage of our development.”