Plans to create 1,500 jobs by extending a major West Midlands employment park by in excess of one million sq ft have been recommended for approval.

The proposed scheme relates to land directly west of the i54 South Staffordshire development which is home to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover. The site is north Of Wobaston Road, Pendeford.

Applicants City of Wolverhampton Council, Staffordshire County Council and Midlands Land Portfolio are seeking permission from South Staffordshire Council for the development.

The authority's planning committee is due to make a final decision on the application at a meeting on Tuesday 15 January.

If approved, a total of 1,750 car parking spaces will also be created.

A statement submitted to the council on behalf of the applicant said: "The existing i54 strategic employment area is generally regarded as a success, not only in meeting its economic objectives to attract high quality advanced manufacturing development, but also in environmental terms.

"It comprises good quality building decisions set in an attractive landscape that retains and enhances key economic assets.

"The current proposals for the western extension to the i54 development seek to follow similar design pricnipals and standards to satisfactorily integrate the new development with the existing."

A council document published ahead of the meeting said: "The site is an area of land designated for employment and economic growth in the council's recently adopted Site Allocations Document.

"The application includes an outline of the proposed development area (where the buildings will go).

"However, as the end user of the site has not come forward, the form and scale of the buildings needed is yet to be decided. This will be determined at reserved matters stage.

"The application which seeks approval of access only (but includes approval of  green infrastructure works plan) has been the subject of a number of consultations  with both statutory and non-statutory consultees who all have submitted no objections to the scheme provided a number of conditions are adhered to and obligations met via a section 106 agreement."

Source: Insider Media Limited


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