(Picture: The Tunstall Arrow development site)

Planning permission has been submitted for the second phase of development at Tunstall Arrow business park - with up to 200 jobs set to be created if approved.

Property developer, Network Space have submitted an application to initiate work on the 7.3-acre scheme (located off James Brindley Way, between Chell and Sandyford). The proposed plans - Phase Two - will take place across the road from Phase One of the Tunstall Arrow development, and will generate 200 new jobs if planning permission is approved.

Currently, Tunstall Arrow is home to DHL, Q-railing, and SG Fleet, who employ 175 workers at the site. However, planning application has now been lodged for the second phase of the scheme.

(Picture: The current development at the Tunstall Arrow site)

The proposed plans for Phase Two include five new units (of varied sizes) for industrial or distribution uses. Planning permission is expected to be approved, with machinery already being moved onto the site.

Network Space's Development Director, Simon Peters said:

"Phase Two could provide between 150 and 200 jobs. We're hoping to submit a planning application in October and start on the site in spring, 2020."

“Our aim is to build on the tremendous success of phase one at Tunstall Arrow and bring more new jobs into the local community by providing the type of modern employment space that businesses demand."
“Our commitment to develop phase two is a signal of our confidence in the regional commercial property market and further evidence that businesses are increasingly keen to establish themselves here."

The latest plans were unveiled at this month's meeting of Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents' Association. One of the challenges facing the project will be historic coal workings and a number of mineshafts.
Chartered Town Planner, Gavin Winter commented:

"There is potential for mineshafts. We have an idea where the mineshafts are - we just need to verify that."

Tunstall Arrow was developed with support from Stoke-on-Trent City Council and grant-funding from the Ceramic Valley Enterprise Zone Development Fund.

City Councillor, Janine Bridges said:

"Phase One was so successful that I think Network Space will finance this one themselves. It's nice to see that confidence."