An artist's impression of the Stafford Station Gateway.

Plans to redevelop land that is neighbouring Stafford Railway Station have moved a step forward following confirmation that HS2 will link to Staffordshire’s county town…

A redevelopment project that is taking place in Stafford, Staffordshire has moved a step closer to commencing; this follows confirmation of a junction at Handsacre (which sits just south of Stafford) that will provide a link for HS2-compatible trains to join the West Coast Main Line.

The planned redevelopment – the Stafford Station Gateway – will see the construction of hundreds of new homes and commercial spaces at the site, if plans continue to progress.

As uncertainty began to grow over the future of the controversial HS2 project, and whether Stafford Borough would be part of the network, the redevelopment surrounding Stafford Railway Station was also brought into question.

However, the Prime Minister gave HS2 the green light last month ending speculation regarding the ambitious railway scheme. Furthermore, Leader of Stafford Borough Council, Patrick Farrington put the question of Handsacre junction to the Government, writing to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Transport.

The development will include 760,000ft² of office, commercial and industrial space.

Upon receiving a response from Grant Shapps MP (Secretary of State for Transport), Councillor Farrington commented the following:

“You will know the Government has recently made an announcement in relation to HS2. I wrote to the Prime Minister and Transport Secretary wanting comfort in relation to what is happening to the Handsacre junction.

“We have had a letter back from Grant Shapps confirming that the Handsacre junction is to be retained as part of the proposal.

“Following the announcement that’s very important to Stafford as a borough, we will continue to make representations about how HS2 itself will affect all of our residents and how we can best mitigate and help that.”

The announcement came as cabinet members were asked to give the green light to signing a task agreement for developing a business case for the Stafford Station Gateway project.

Around 650 apartments and 150 town houses have been proposed for the area, alongside up to 760,000ft² of office, commercial and industrial space.

650 apartments and 150 town houses have been planned.

Councillor Patrick Farrington added:

“The council has for some time wanted to make progress around its plans for Stafford Station Gateway. Now we have had the announcement about HS2, more particularly the incorporation of the works around Handsacre which will mean that classic compatible trains will come off the new HS2 line onto the existing West Coast Main Line and stop at Stafford, that makes the proposals around the gateway even more attractive than before.”

Cabinet Member for Community and Health, Councillor Jeremy Pert, said:

“I think what this demonstrates is we are ambitious for our borough and residents – not just today but planning many years in advance. I think also what it demonstrates is our innovative thinking and ways of using the best from all of our partners to deliver as we go forward for our residents.”


Stafford Station Gateway
Development Site
Aerial view of the proposed Stafford Gateway project

A £500 million scheme that could see a hotel, top of the range office space, and new homes in Stafford.