By Councillor Philip White, Deputy Leader, Staffordshire County Council

Across the globe, countries, regions and counties are setting a vision for place-recovery and growth in a post-covid world.

In many ways, it is a chance to hit the reset button: to take stock and reassess. What do we treasure and want to keep, or even enhance? What must evolve to meet changing needs and societies of the future? The world has changed, perhaps forever. But change provides opportunity, and herein Staffordshire, we’re grasping it with both hands.

Our great county is the nationally valued centre of the UK. A place of national attractions, jawdropping natural beauty, global brands, and towns and cities steeped in history. Our greatest asset though, is Staffordshire people: innovators and creators, earth movers and brewers, pioneers in energy and sustainable living. And we have big ambitions for the future.

For investors and occupiers, we understand that connectivity and rateable value are still important, but the wider offer is now playing a more central role in decision making: the quality of life offer as a place to work, and live; healthcare; education; culture; history and attractions; and what is the perception of a place?

Right now in Staffordshire, major regional projects and various funding sources have aligned to create perfect conditions for growth, giving businesses large and small, unprecedented opportunities to maximise what Staffordshire has to offer.

There is more than £130 million of planned investment for our bustling and vibrant towns, plus the planned investment of High-Speed 2 (HS2), which will bring around 1.5 million people to within 45 minutes of London in phases from 2021.

Staffordshire is bringing together affordability and connectivity, with liveability. It’s a place that’s at the heart of the UK, within a 45-minute drive of over 7 million people, four airports and a road network that includes the M6, M54, A50 and A38.

Business profitability is enhanced by being at the heart of supply chains, in a low-cost area with an average 26% lower industrial rent and 15% salary savings in comparison to neighbouring cities.

But today, striking the work/life balance is more important than ever. And Staffordshire has it all. Mile after mile or beautiful countryside, dotted with traditional market times and characterful rural villages, yet with major cities within easy reach.

Our aim remains that Staffordshire continues to build on our growing reputation on the national and international business map, whilst supporting a thriving environment for entrepreneurs and SMEs and capitalising on new innovative technologies and markets.

Staffordshire is ready to welcome you. Come and talk to us about becoming part of our story.

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