Staffordshire Economic Growth Programme

What is the county council’s Economic Growth Programme?

It’s a 10-year programme to grow the economy by developing businesses, places, people’s skills and connectivity.

Investing in the economy is the bedrock to raising people’s living standards.  When people have the opportunity to get better paid jobs and have the skills to do them, they have more money in their pocket.

The Economic Growth Programme is also largely self-funding and helps to fund the council. For every £1 of county council money invested, £13.60 of external funding is secured. Much of our £1 will be repaid through business rates now and in the future.

What it means:

Staffordshire Means Investment in Growth

Building and supporting others to build employment sites = more businesses = more and better paid jobs.

Staffordshire Means Skilled Local People

We are supporting and building the skills programmes and partnerships so more people can learn the skills they need in the future.

Staffordshire Means Connectivity

Investment in road, rail and next-generation digital technology and transforming rural community life.

Staffordshire Means Home

Making sure housing growth is balanced so that the right housing is in the right place and aspires people to live in Staffordshire.

Staffordshire Means Support for Business Growth

Boosting innovation and productivity of our SME’s and existing sectors, such as advanced manufacturing (e.g. car building, etc.) and investing in attracting high-value, high-tech industries.

How are we doing?

The Staffordshire economy now contributes £15.2 billion to the national economy, one of the largest contributions from the West Midlands and nationally.


We know that more people now have more money in their pocket because of our focus on better-paid jobs.

We’ve also halved the number of people with no qualifications since 2014, and the percentage of people gaining qualifications is growing at a faster rate than most other area.

We also have the 6th lowest number of 16 and 17 year olds not in education, employment or training.