i54 Extension


Following a community consultation exercise held in 2018, Staffordshire County Council together with the City of Wolverhampton Council has submitted an outline planning application to South Staffordshire Council for a western extension of the i54 South Staffordshire development site this expansion to the site will provide an additional 24 hectares (60 acres) of land which will accommodate up to 100,000m2 of industrial employment floor space. 

i54 is now home to a number of companies including Jaguar Land Rover with their new Engine Manufacturing Centre , Moog, ISP and Eurofins. To date over 230,000m2 of new buildings have been occupied and around 2,700 people employed. The expansion plans aim to boost this number by a further 1,500 new jobs taking the total number of new jobs to over 4,000.

The proposed i54 western extension land includes, in its southern part, 24 hectares (60 acres) owned by City of Wolverhampton Council. On the basis of this planning policy commitment, the City Council together with its partner Staffordshire County Council (the i54 Development Partners) is intending to bring forward its land to facilitate the development.

The i54 Development Partners have appointed an experienced Project Team to draw up the proposed development scheme. The team comprises staff from the following companies:

  • ANCER SPA – Town Planning & Development
  • AECOM – Transport and Environmental
  • Pick Everard – Architectural and Infrastructure Design
  • Staffordshire County Council – Landscape Design
  • Cadence Management Services – Programme Management


  • From August 2018 – South Staffordshire Council carried out statutory consultation
  • December 2018 – The Council’s Planning Committee will consider the application for outline permission
  • Early 2019 – If permission is granted, construction of the access road will begin followed by development platforms and drainage
  • 2021-2025 – Development by occupiers during this period.

Further information including a number of supporting documents can be found on the main i54 Western Extension website.